If you’re anything like me, you’ll have a vague knowledge of people with colostomy bags but not really know what that means or what an ileostomy is.

Check out these link for a run down of what it means. Andy’s ileostomy was a mixture of a ‘loop’ and an ‘end’ procedure – his entire large intestine was removed and the end of the small intestine brought out through the stoma, however like in a loop ileostomy his rectum is intact which gives us the option of a reversal in the future.

NHS  Factsheet


BUPA Stoma Care Factsheet



  1. hey ses,
    fascinated reading your story…. my mam was diagnosed with proctitis in her early 20’s and then ulcerative collitis the year before we were in nexus. during our year at nexus she nearly died in hospital due to an infection because of the immunosuppresants they gave her for the collitis. We are blessed to still have her. She is currently on a clinical trial drug. I know what a borrible disease it can be. Thinking of you and praying, Love Sarah Lamb x

  2. Hi Andy, got the email from facilities just now, I have an office on the top floor of comms court @ WGC, if you want to come and have lunch prayer and support while in the office feel free to call me. My personal mobile is 07832381880.
    Every knee will bow to the Name of Jesus, and no weapon will prosper, I’m praying for you, God is Able! here for you if you want me.
    Darren Holdstock
    Operations Manager

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