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Final Session is done with, just waiting on the scan result

December 11, 2010

That’s all the chemo over and done with!  The final session finished two Friday’s ago on the 3rd.  It was such a nice feeling knowing I’m not going to be back and forth every 2 weeks to get poisoned.  On the downside it does mean I won’t see the girls in the chemo centre as much (I still have to go back every 6 weeks to flush the port through).  They’ve made the whole chemo so much better than I thought it would be and are so positive and cheerful, I’ll miss them but I’m glad to see the back of it!  Side effects for the last session were minimal with only a small amount of hiccuping, however the nubness in my fingers has now spread a bit more as I guess the Oxilaplatin takes some time to get out of the system.  Most of the ends of my fingers are numb as are the soles of my feet.  It makes things like doing buttons up a real struggle and I’ve had a few balance issues due to the foot numbness.


I had the post chemo CT scan on Wednesday and get the results this coming Tuesday.  I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty nervous about getting the results as they’ll be pretty much make or break.  If you’re of the praying nature then I’d definitely appreciate some asking for good results and strength for me and my family over the next few days.


We had a nice piece of mail this week, it was the confirmation and booking details for our new year trip to centre parcs.  The Willow Foundation have thought of absolutely everything and have sent through loads of information even including personalised directions on how to get there from our house as well as some gift vouchers for us to use while we’re there.  Now we just need to choose what we’re going to do while we’re there, top of the list is a massage to relieve some of the stress from the past year!


And finally…..

Obviously my body thought finishing the chemo meant I had some spare capacity for medical issues and so again I was having to deal with a dislocated shoulder.  This time it was walking out of work on Thursday, I held a door open in slightly the wrong way and it just fell apart.  Luckily I managed to get it back in within a minute so no hospital trip needed, just some pain and aching the following day but it’s feeling lots better now.


9 down, 3 to go and 4 numb fingers

October 30, 2010

Sessions 8 and 9 are over and done with. Had some developments with the tingling fingers in that after the 8th session the pads of my index finger and thumb on my left hand went and have stayed numb. Having told the oncologist they reduced the dosage of the Oxyplatin. Even with the reduced dose session 9 saw the same fingers on my right hand develop the same problem so it looks like that’ll be the end of me getting that drug as once nerve damage starts to occur if not stopped immediately then it can become permanent. Luckily that drug only has a minor part to play in my treatment as it’s the 5FU that’s the main drug and the Oxyplatin often has to be reduced or stopped mid treatment. I’ve done pretty well to get 3/4 of the way through before having to stop it. The advantage of it stopping is that it should cut the time I’m in hospital on weds from about 4 hours to 2 hours. It’ll also mean that I stop getting the tingling in my fingers and the hypersensitivity to cold.

Other than the numb fingers the past two treatments have been good, with minimal side effects other than tiredness. My hairs looking a bit on the thin side, but isn’t too noticeable other than to Ses, me and a couple of close friends.  It’ll be interesting to see if it grows back normal colour or grey as the colour creating parts of the follicle can take longer to recover and result in grey hair for a bit.


The past few weeks have been very hectic and draining as we’ve bought our first house and have been completing and moving into it.  Who knew you could fit the amount of stuff we have into a 3 bed flat, we’re living amongst boxes for the time being and sorting a few a day.  The DIY list has been growing too.  I did finally start ticking things off it though and have put a light and a couple of boards up in the loft so we can put a few bits up there now.  I also changed the tv aerial so we’re back to full freeview rather than having the choice of 6 random channels the old one picked up!  All in all we’re very pleased with our new home and have some big plans for it’s future seeing as it’s not seen much love over the past 10 years.


I also got my trials bike back up and running, whilst some may say I’m mad, it’s good as it means that I can do some gentle exercise that doesn’t require lots of cardio and will help build up some muscle again.  I have to be careful due to the ease at which my left shoulder falls apart but I can do low down stuff without too much risk.  I’m off to Chicksands again tomorrow with a couple of mates, should be a good laugh and will get me doing a little exercise again.  Roll on the final chemo session and with it the start of the half marathon training!


Better get going as there’s hooks and curtain poles that need putting up this evening!




It’s Chemo Time

June 29, 2010

Tomorrow marks the start of my chemo, with 12 cycles, each 2 weeks long, with 2 days of drugs per cycle. I’ll be in hospital for a few hours tomorrow, two of which I’ll be having one of the drugs put in, then having a diffuser hooked up with the other drug in. Once that’s all done I go home and go back into hospital 48 hours later to have the diffuser disconnected. I’m a little nervous about what it’s going to be like and what the side effects are going to be like but sure God has got my back and is in control of things so I should be able to handle them ok.

The wound has continued to heal well now I’m off the steroids and is only a very small scab with a decent amount of skin underneath.  My belly looks a bit like a hot cross bun though due to the scar running down my abs pulling the skin inwards and the space where my large intestine used to be running across!

In the last week I’ve managed to get out on the bike a few more times, mostly locally, but paid the Royston bmx track another visit on Sunday with Olllie. Unfortunately before I even got out the car my shoulder fell apart, luckily I managed to get it back in myself. That wasn’t going to stop me riding so after a bit of strapping up I took the hardtail for a spin round the track. It’s soo much easier to carry speed without a load of suspension taking out all your effort!

Ses and I also went out for our first run together (and my first run since being ill). It was only a 2k loop but was more than enough to notice how much fitness I’ve lost and Ses hasn’t got either! I think there’s going to have to be a lot of hard core training if we’re going to get round this half marathon!

And finally……..
My weight gain is going well, I’m up to jut over 11 and a half stone which has stabilised now as I’m back doing exercise. I’m still on instructions from the oncologist to continue the high calorie diet so I’m still eating lots 🙂



Day 4 – Eventful!

May 3, 2010

Today started really very well – Andy was bright, cheery and eating properly – today’s menu:

  • rice crispies
  • 2 jam sandwiches
  • soup (about 4 cups)
  • a McDonald’s banana milkshake
  • a protein shake
  • some stewed apple
  • a handful of Jelly Babies.

Er… appetite loss? Yeah… not apparently applicable to my husband! All that plus the 1000 calories he’s getting through the TPN!

Now, the eventfulness of the day! Around 5pm Andy reached for the wet wipes to clean his hands… using his left arm. For those who don’t know, Andy has had ongoing issues with his left shoulder and it dislocates very easily. He proved that today!! So we all arrive at 6pm to find his shoulder out, a big mess involving the gas & air cylinder but no connecting tube and an Orthopedic doctor. The doctor was very good, very calming and efficient. They eventually got the gas and air into Andy, at which point he went a bit nuts and started dancing to the ‘dislocated shoulder’ song in his head…. yeah…. he’s funny on the Entonox!

Unfortunately, although this is normally enough for him to get the shoulder back in, the muscle wastage of the last 7 weeks has taken it’s toll and it wouldn’t go back in, even with the doctor helping manipulate it. So they wheeled him down to theatre, gave him a sedative and a local anaesthetic and popped it back in. He said it was really cool to be awake in an operating theatre so seemed to enjoy himself! I came back around half 8 as he was waking up, sorted him out with soup, and getting everything he needed set up so he wouldn’t have to reach for it. His parents had brought up his little TV so I got that set up and he was ready to go!

I love Codicote ward because the nurses are lovely and don’t mind me being there outside of visiting hours. It also means I can take some of the pressure off them by doing the little things for Andy that he could do if he wasn’t attached to a central line and an epidural!

It was also nice earlier when his shoulder was out, he was on the gas and air and I was in the room with the nurses and I actually felt useful! Because Andy was listening to me when he wasn’t listening to the doctor and I was the only one getting him to calm down. It was nice not to be in the way for once!

Now I have instructed Andy not to blog until his sedative wears off but I can’t promise anything. I expect if he does write tonight it will be a symphony of nonsense!! I do adore him 🙂


Andy with his shoulder out – it’s quite obvious when you look at it next to the other one… on the plus side… no NG tube!! No more Andyrooalump!

Back from theatre – sling-ed up (Neck strap annoying the central line, arm annoying the stitches!) and dopey, but happy! Note the beautiful white stockings!