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Heading Home

May 17, 2011

We think Andy is heading to his heavenly home quite soon.

Last night he told us that he didn’t want to fight any more. And we said that’s ok.

So we’ve had a day of seeing friends and saying goodbyes. Still waiting on my sisters and Dad to arrive from various places, but Andy is comfortable, relaxed and breathing easily.

He’s not really talking very much, but last night I asked him if he was scared. He said no.

I asked him if he was sad. He said no. He is just so tired.

My selfish desire to keep him with me has been eclipsed by the fact that I just love him too much to see him suffer any further. I’m sure my rage and longing and denial will come, but for now I’m just so sad that I’m losing my husband, my lover, my best friend.

And so relieved that he’s finally going to a place of no more tears, no more pain. To a new body that works, to be together with the God whom he loves and who loves him.

Please keep praying for us – that Andy will have peace. And that I can somehow make it through this without losing all the pieces of my broken heart.


Prayer Requests

May 16, 2011

Got some specific prayer requests for the week:

We are booked into a beautiful hotel in Oxford for this coming weekend and I would dearly love to make it, we both need some serious relaxation.¬†However, they have a 48 hour cancellation period, so I have to let them know by tomorrow (Tuesday) at 3pm whether we can go. For us to go we need to get the OK from the doctor, have found a wheelchair and for Andy not to be needing Oxygen all the time. Bit of a tall order really, but still, please pray (really really hard!) that it’ll all be ok.

Also pray for rest – Andy had a good night’s sleep last night and is napping again now, I’m hoping this can be a bit of a turnaround for this episode as his energy and breathing is starting to pick up a bit. But decent sleep is paramount to everything so please pray that his rest is multiplied, that many hours of sleep are packed into each hour that he does get.

Finally, for peace. He is having a lot of anxiety about weird, little things… sometimes he doesn’t even know why he’s having anxiety attacks. Bit scary really.

Thanks, Ses



March 12, 2011

My awesome Dad is currently travelling to Afghanistan for a tour of duty as the Chaplain for the Royal Marines.

He’s going to be away for 6 months, and this would be hard enough for us if we weren’t all coping with Andy’s chemo, but as it stands it’s looking like a pretty tough time. I am thankful though that he’s retiring when he gets back and that at least we’re all now old enough to look after Mom while he’s away.

Please pray for my family – especially for Mama and for my brother, sisters, and Granny. For comfort and strength, even for silly little things, like being in / hearing the phone when he rings.

And of course, pray for Dad. That God would be with him as he does the sometimes impossible job of looking after the troops as they face conflict and death, for protection and a safe return.

I’m going to busy myself with preparing Dad’s first parcel that I’ll send out next week – a knitted helmet liner for nights out and about, bourbon biscuits and proper coffee. We’ll be taking bets on how long it takes to get there!!