About Us

We met at a friend’s wedding in the Netherlands in September 2007. We got engaged 11 months later and married in July 2009. At the time of Andy’s surgery we have been married for 9 months and have already had 4 dislocated shoulders and a broken jaw in that time! We’re definitely fulfilling our ‘in sickness and in health’ vow!

Andy is a mechanical and software engineer for a large corporation and I am training to be a jewellery designer. He’s into mountain biking and I’m a voracious knitter… somehow it works, because we both love ‘Scrubs’ and food I think!

We live in Hertfordshire, UK and go to St Albans Vineyard Church.



  1. How impressive is your blog-site! My thoughts and prayers are very much with you. If there is anything at all I can do at any point do not hesitate to contact me. Much love MJS

  2. Hi Andy,
    I was praying with others for you today and I think I would like to share with you things I have learned about cancer treatments. You could check them on google typing Joanna Budwig, and another author Bernadette Bohan “The choice”. I borrowed this book from library. The author survivd cancer twice and discovered how changing the diet can ease the side effects of chemio and rdio therpy. I am Polish and in Poland there is a place they cure cancer – it is very expensive. They take all patiens no matter how advance is the cancer. If they don’t suceed they give money back. You can find out a little bit from their web page what metods they use. Their web page on http://www.osrodekdebinka.pl is in English. God bless you Ruta

  3. Hello Andrew & Ses. Thank you for your letter.It seems strange we are the same family but have never met.It happens – cousins meet up in later life.Thank you for your card & letter.Hope you had a good christmas with your families. Spoke to Chris last week so know the results of your latest scan. A tough year ahead but are sure together you will tackle it.We will be thinking of you.God bless.Alan & Monica

  4. Ulcerative colitis, software engineer, Vineyard/Calvary Chapel, colectomy, ileostomy… seems like we have a lot in common. Contact me by email if you’d like.

  5. Hi,
    I’ll give a little intro – I knew Andy at Uni, he moved into the house I moved out of, at the same time as my partner Phil – and so they were housemates and I got to know Andy quite well.
    It’s sad the way we loose touch, but Facebook has a funny was of not letting you miss a thing, and so I’ve followed Andy’s story.
    It’s close to my heart, having lost a boyfriend who was only 24 at the time to cancer. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, it’s just so horrible, and I’ll still never understand why.
    And so, I’m usually quite strong, don’t like to show my emotions, but this morning on my way to work a song came on my CD which I just wanted to share with you. It made me cry, but I hope it can help. It’s a beautiful song from the soundtrack of City of Angels.
    Angels by Sarah Mclachlan

    Hope to see you Thursday and my thoughts are most deffinately with you at this time.

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