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That Time My Brother Went Mad & Decided To Walk Up A Mountain

June 17, 2012

Hello lovelies, I am interrupting my radio silence (follow progress of the flat in this flickr set. It’s happening… slowly) to tell you about something rather exciting my brother is getting up to.

Andy was mad. Andy did things like check himself out of hospital, drive for 5 hours, do an urban downhill race, go clubbing til 4am and then drive another 5 hours to go back to hospital. Andy did things like run a half marathon with very little training, in between chemo sessions and raise a whopping £5,000 for Cancer Research UK and the Willow Foundation. 

And it seems that some of that madness has rubbed off on my brother Paul. Who has decided to do some fundraising of his own, and has taken up the challenge to trek to Everest Basecamp in September in aid of children’s charity Childreach International. That’s about a million (well 18,000) feet up, ten days of hardcore trekking and some altitude sickness too. 

About Childreach Paul wrote; “Childreach are an amazing grass-roots charity that work with children all over the world providing healthcare, education and child rights & protection. In 2010 they helped provide 40,000 children with education and 23,000 children with healthcare.
One of the countries they operate in is Nepal itself and during our time out there we’re able to witness the work they do first-hand as we visit one of their schools.
Find out more at

To do this Paul has to raise £2,500, he’s already over half way there through various fundraising events and sponsorship. There’s 5 weeks to go until the deadline, and if any of you would like to sponsor him that would be incredible. It may not be a charity that was actively involved in Andy’s care, but it was Andy that inspired Paul to do this.

Just click here – – every little bit counts! 

Thank you muchly, Ses 🙂 xx