June 6, 2011

I’ve never been good at staying put. I thought this time would be it though, but clearly it’s not to be. I moved to Hertfordshire to be with Andy, and now he’s gone I just really, really want to be near my family. And I love the south west – although my nomadic lifestyle means no town or city has ever been “home”, it’s the area where I’ve spent most of my life and I’m looking forward to being back there.

So I’m packing my life into boxes again and setting out looking for a new adventure in Devon.

I’m not moving right away, but it doesn’t hurt to get a head start on things. I move so much that I start to wonder why I even bother unpacking! Though I’m hoping this time it’ll give me a base for my stuff to live while I move around on my adventures. I am trying to be ruthless too – my friend Lauren popped in to bring me some bubble wrap and left with an ice cream scoop and a DVD. I might make it a rule for any visitors!




  1. I’ve read the whole blog back to front (literally) and It makes me really wish I had met Andy in person. I remember when you first met and could never have imagined it would end up like this, you’re doing an incredible job of staying strong and I wish you the best of luck with your move back to Devon. xx

  2. hey mate, good luck with the move. i know we have lost touch recently so would love to see you before you go. xxx

  3. dammit, i needed an ice cream scoop! lol

  4. So far for me being a Bladder Cancer survivor, I came across Andy’s blog by accident, I read with tear filled eyes the story of your love for each other. Your strength of faith and realistic approach to your situation is inspiring to say the least.
    we all will face our mortality at some point that’s a fact we can’t deny.

    I said to my wife recently, I don’t fear death, I fear the end of life.
    I’m sure Andy may have felt the same, and I know he would have wanted you to Move forward with your life, as I’ve told that to my wife if all goes bad for me.

    Keep smiling
    Downunder in Australia

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