Prayer Requests

May 16, 2011

Got some specific prayer requests for the week:

We are booked into a beautiful hotel in Oxford for this coming weekend and I would dearly love to make it, we both need some serious relaxation. However, they have a 48 hour cancellation period, so I have to let them know by tomorrow (Tuesday) at 3pm whether we can go. For us to go we need to get the OK from the doctor, have found a wheelchair and for Andy not to be needing Oxygen all the time. Bit of a tall order really, but still, please pray (really really hard!) that it’ll all be ok.

Also pray for rest – Andy had a good night’s sleep last night and is napping again now, I’m hoping this can be a bit of a turnaround for this episode as his energy and breathing is starting to pick up a bit. But decent sleep is paramount to everything so please pray that his rest is multiplied, that many hours of sleep are packed into each hour that he does get.

Finally, for peace. He is having a lot of anxiety about weird, little things… sometimes he doesn’t even know why he’s having anxiety attacks. Bit scary really.

Thanks, Ses



  1. Have done.


  2. Oh, Ses, I’m praying hard for both of you. You could both use a good rest, and it would be wonderful if you could get away from your routine for a couple of days.

    Consider yourselves permanent residents on my prayer list.

  3. Pegi sent me your prayer request. Consider yourselves on my prayer list too…and I do hope and pray you are able to have this lovely little holiday. A good rest can work tiny miracles ~ Kathy

  4. Our thoughts are with you Andy and Ses.

    Jon & Laura

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