Keep Calm & Carry On

May 11, 2011

The last few weeks have been interesting …

Lots of visits to the GP – Andy’s been prescribed diazepam and amitriptyline to try and tackle the awful stress-induced back pain he’s in. Also, as I’m super-wife, I picked up on the fact that he was anaemic and he’s now on iron tablets to try and sort out his energy levels.

Also had a few trips to hospital – 2 nights for a small bowel obstruction which thankfully sorted itself out pretty quickly. As usual they wanted to discharge him too quickly, but we’ve learnt our lesson and he refused to leave until everything was ok (it wasn’t and it was just as well, he needed another night on the drip)

Also had many visits for a prolapsed stoma – yeah, that was fun! Pretty scary feeling (I didn’t watch!!) the stoma being about
6″ long instead of about 1.5″. I won’t repeat how Andy described it to the nurse!! Andy’s currently still in the QE2 as the stoma prolapsed and it just wouldn’t go back in – the surgeons have taken the decision not to do anything as it’d be too dangerous to do any surgery. So we’ve been talking to Alison (the stoma nurse) about support bands and seem to have found something that works.

Annoyingly due to the swelling in his liver he’s been having a few issues with breathing – his oxygen sats have been dropping to about 87ish so he’s on oxygen and is going to move to the hospice here in Letchworth tomorrow to be looked after for a few days while he catches up on all the sleep he’s lost and the new meds (steroids and whatnot) are sorted out. But even a couple of nights in hospital have really made a difference to his energy levels and he’s looking a lot more awake compared to the last week!

Please keep praying for us, all this back and forth to hospital is getting very tiring and there are lots of fun things planned for the next few weeks that we don’t want to miss.



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