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March 12, 2011

My awesome Dad is currently travelling to Afghanistan for a tour of duty as the Chaplain for the Royal Marines.

He’s going to be away for 6 months, and this would be hard enough for us if we weren’t all coping with Andy’s chemo, but as it stands it’s looking like a pretty tough time. I am thankful though that he’s retiring when he gets back and that at least we’re all now old enough to look after Mom while he’s away.

Please pray for my family – especially for Mama and for my brother, sisters, and Granny. For comfort and strength, even for silly little things, like being in / hearing the phone when he rings.

And of course, pray for Dad. That God would be with him as he does the sometimes impossible job of looking after the troops as they face conflict and death, for protection and a safe return.

I’m going to busy myself with preparing Dad’s first parcel that I’ll send out next week – a knitted helmet liner for nights out and about, bourbon biscuits and proper coffee. We’ll be taking bets on how long it takes to get there!!




March 7, 2011

Still here!

Sorry for the rather epic lack of posting lately – we’re still here, just getting on with it really! Andy’s chemo is going pretty well, more tiring and more side effects than last time but he’s still feeling good and has been doing lots of running and biking to keep him entertained.

The main news is that yesterday Andy and his sister Sarah completed the Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon! (That’s 13.1 miles as we were constantly reminded) They did it in 2:45:13 which I just think is amazing, I am so stupidly proud of him for that incredible achievement, especially as it comes after 16 chemo sessions in 9 months. Between them they managed to raise over £4,000 to be split between Cancer Research UK  and the Willow foundation which is wonderful. We should have really posted the link up here, but don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of other opportunities to sponsor him in the future! (If you really want to donate retrospectively, you can do so here –!)

There’s also lots to look forward to in the next couple of months – Andy is racing at the Plymouth Urban DH in about 3 weeks, then another race a week after that. Plus a trip to the Alps in August and a few more DH races in the summer, should be enough to keep him busy!

He  has another chemo starting on Wednesday, and in about a month’s time he’ll have another PET and/or CT scan to see how it’s going. Please pray that the chemo works properly this time and we can defy the odds and kick this cancer’s arse! There’s far too much to do to be held back by illness!