More bad news

December 29, 2010

Well the bad news seems to just keep on rolling in.  We got the results from the PET scan before Christmas, the shadow on my liver is a secondary cancer, however there is also cancer in 4 areas of lymph nodes around both kidneys, my pancreas and my aorta artery.  This news hit us both like an express train and basically means the chances of curing the cancer are very very slim.  It’s basically turned into a battle to slow the cancer down.  I’ve got another 12 sessions of chemo starting on the 12th Jan after our willow foundation funded break at centre parcs.  The difference this time is that compared to last time when my life was fitted around the chemo, this time the chemo will be fitting round my life.  There aren’t many different side effects to last time except I will definitely loose my hair and may be a bit more tired.  Ses responded to this by buying lots of yarn and has started knitting me lots of different hats!


I’m still going to try and complete the half marathon in March and am intending to do as many downhill biking races this year as possible.  We’re also still planning to go out to the alps in the summer to get a week of biking done too.


On a brighter note we had a nice Christmas period, spending Christmas and boxing day at my parents with family, then had Ses’ family up to ours for a few days.  It was nice to spend time with both families in the wake of the news and be able to forget about it somewhat over Christmas.


We had an eventful few days leading up to Christmas as I managed to pick up some sort of flu or bad cold which layed me up in bed for a couple of days with a mild temperature.  Unfortunately my temperature then went a bit mad and we were advised by the chemo nurses to get checked out by A&E when my temperature jumped up to 39.3 degrees C (102.7 in old money). After an hour of waiting I got seen and was pumped full of fluid and anti-biotics which seemed to kick the bug.  I got hit harder than most due to having a very weak immune system due to the first round of chemo.  We convinced the A&E doctor to let us go home after 6 hours there and with no chance of a bed other than the trolley in the resus bay!  They wanted to monitor me as one of the doctors heard a heart murmur.  Instead we had a follow up appointment 2 days later, however having taken my blood pressure and pulse we then sat waiting for 2 hours before having to give up and leave due to our car parking time running out.  I think in the grand scheme of things a heart murmur is the least of my worries.  I’ll ask the doc if it’s worth pursuing and if so go down the private route again!


And finally……

In an attempt to kick start my half marathon training I bought a Wii Fit yesterday.  Such good fun and will allow me to keep doing something active even when on chemo.



  1. Dear Andy and Ses
    I was so sorry to hear your struggle is not yet over against this dratted cancer. Keep fighting. I would imagine the heart murmer heard in A & E is due to the tumour on your aorta, so will be dealt with by your oncologist. I will continue to pray hard for both of you as you deal with this horrid disease. Hope you enjoy your break at Centre Parks and pray you both stay positive as you begin the net round of your battle. Don’t forgot all is not lost, just difficult. Yours in Our Lords Name. Penny xx

  2. So sorry to hear this Andy and Ses, I’m praying for you both. “There is no pit, but Christ is deeper still” (Corrie Ten Boom)

  3. Hi Andy,
    Not read up on here for a while and I’m very upset to hear such news – although I’ve never met you it can still be a shock; nobody should have to go through any of this.

    I wish you a happy New Year, keep fighting and maintain your positive attitude.

    All the best.

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