Not Over Yet…

December 15, 2010

Yesterday we got the news that there is a faint spot on Andy’s liver. He will be having a PET scan in the next few days which will show whether it’s a malignant tumour (in which case he will have surgery in the New Year, maybe followed by more chemo) or whether it’s not (then they’ll do a needle biopsy to see precisely what it is). He will also have an MRI in case surgery is needed, just to get it done.

A worry is that the PET scan will also show activity in the lymph nodes, which means chemo will definitely happen.

Or of course, we could get our miracle and the scan will show nothing. If you’re a praying person then please, pray that whatever is there now will go. I KNOW that God can do this, I don’t understand why He hasn’t yet, we just need to keep clinging on the hope that He will.

To be honest, I’m terrified. This was supposed to be an easy, chop-it-out, chemo, done, job. I feel sick at the thought of more surgery, more chemo, more doctors’ appointments. I’m worried about the side effects of the next round of chemo & I’m worried that HR won’t extend Andy’s sick leave allowance.

I’m so angry that all we’ve had so far is 9 months of marriage that was healthy and not focused on cancer. We deserve more than that, we haven’t even had a chance yet. Please pray that we still get that chance.

I’ll post a more specific list of prayer requests in the next few days when I’m a bit calmer. For now just please pray for the MRI scan tomorrow and the PET scan on Friday.



One comment

  1. praying for you both ses

    i don’t understand why God lets this kind of thing happen either, especially to people like you, but i do think you have been doing him proud with the way you’ve handled it so far (even if you are angry!)

    rachel x

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