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Penultimate Session Is Underway

November 17, 2010

Just got back from being plugged in for the penultimate chemo session.  Also got asked to go in tomorrow morning for the official opening of the cancer centre I go to for my chemo.  There’ll be some press etc there to talk to and the official ribbon cutting along with a nice champagne reception in the evening.  Will be interesting to go there not for treatment, although I’ll be back there on Friday getting unplugged.

This session seems to be going well so far, I’m feeling good and am still eating well.  On that front I appear to be eating almost too well, having been down to 9 stone 11 when discharged from hospital, my last weigh in last week put my weight at 12 stone 8!  I’d noticed some of my shirts not fitting me quite properly now.  I’m looking forward to finishing off the chemo and having the energy to start doing some exercise again, should hopefully shed a few pounds and get a bit more trim again.

We’re slowly making progress on putting things away in the new house and reducing the number of boxes we’ve got stacked up.  Well I say we, Ses has been doing most of it and is doing a good job of decluttering and getting rid of lots of things we really have no need or use for.  In the interests of recycling, most of it is going on freecycle rather than being binned and we seem to have a steady stream of people arriving to take things away.  Ses also spent some time getting a kitchen design sorted, it’s looking good so far and we’ve managed to get everything into the pretty small space.  It helps that we’re planning on turning some of the hall into a pantry, so that means we don’t need to have tonnes of cupboards in the kitchen itself.

We had a successful fireworks party two weekends ago, with several friends and family coming round to burn lots of things and set off some fireworks, it was great fun and was a useful way to get rod of lots of the bushes we’ve cut down whilst also killing some of the grass in the soon-to-be veg patch with the added bonus of having the ash to use to fertilize the soil.  We also managed to cut down the pyracantha that was blocking light from the back rooms of the house.  We managed to saw through the stumps and drag it up the garden ready for burning too.  Having not had much love in a couple of years the garden does need a lot of pruning, it’s looking pretty narrow at the moment due to overgrown bushes, so with some aggressive pruning we should get about 6ft in width back.

and finally……

Work is going well and I’m getting a lot less tired now, finally I seem to be getting used to the extra time commuting plus working full time when not plugged into chemo.  Just in time as I’ll not be getting the breaks that chemo provides once December the 6th comes around.



Meet The Team

November 4, 2010

Just checking in to say that Chemo no. 10 is going really well, stopping the oxaliplatin has made Andy feel loads better than normal which is good!! We both went to the dentist today for the first time in 3 years (me) and 5 years (Andy) – luckily no problems there which had been a worry as chemo can do horrible things to teeth apparently!!

At the cancer centre yesterday we were lucky enough to have all the nurses there for only the 2nd time so I decided to get a couple of pictures so you can meet the wonderful team who’s been looking after us!

left to right: Evelyn, Alina, Vicky and Sam (boss lady!). We love these girls, they have been amazing – always smiling and lovely and so caring. They make going for treatment a much happier experience!

And this is Michelle – she looks after us while we’re there, feeding and watering us and generally making sure we’re happy. and she does a very good job of it!

Ses 🙂