Session 7 down, the best so far and lots to look forward to

September 29, 2010

Session 7 has come and gone and I’m happy to report that it was the best one so far, with minimal hiccups and only the sensitivity to cold.  I think this was mainly down to having things to do both during and the weekend after the treatment and having lots to look forward to.  On that front, we’ve managed to buy a house and are now madly planning everything that needs doing when we move.  Also I applied for and have been given a weekend at centre parcs through the Willow Foundation.  They’re a charity who provide special days for seriously ill young adults.  They take care of all the booking etc and money side of things and have been wonderful to deal with.  Check out their website http://www.willowfoundation.org.uk for more information.  They’re one of the charities I’ll be running my half marathon for come March next year.

Work is still going well and besides being a little tired after a busy weekend I’ve not had any problems now I’ve been back full time for a month.  I’m finally starting to settle back into the software coding and have spent quite a lot of time putting into practice some of the design and coding principles I learnt a couple of years ago on the conversion training I did.

And Finally………

For all those who enjoy racing games, F1 2010 is definitely worth a look.


One comment

  1. Dear Andy,
    Your parents know us and we knew you as a baby.
    It is said that “The Lord helps those who help themself you are doing just that. Good on you.
    We belong to an organisation called U3A and hold supper quizzes periodically to raise money for charities, our next one is on May 26th and will be for The Willow Foundation in your name.
    Wishing you well
    Martin and Terry

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