Working full time, golf and biking

September 1, 2010

Well I’ve finally managed to get back to working full time.  As of Monday (and following the 5th chemo sesison), I’m back doing 7.5 hours a day for the non chemo days.  I’ve been ramping up at an hour extra per day after each chemo session so the jump from 7 to 7.5 hours is smaller and hopefully will mean I’m not too tired.  My plan now though is to work longer on the days I’m in to try to keep some holiday left over to have as a contingency should the chemo get worse or to have the time after my last session mid December until Christmas as holiday.

We had a nice long weekend, Saturday was a write off due to me being really tired so was spent mostly in bed or on the sofa watching tv!  Sunday we had a nice BBQ at my sister’s to celebrate Dad’s Birthday.  Got to see some of the family I haven’t seen since being in hospital which was nice.  Then had another relaxed BBQ with some friends on the bank holiday Monday, lots of laughs and a really chilled out afternoon 🙂

I’m really looking forward to the coming weekend as I’ve entered my first dirt based DH race at Aston Hill.  Now I’ve got the stoma armour from the US I’m going to be doing mainly gravity based riding until the chemo ends as any xc just knackers me out too much.  Not coming last is my aim, but really it’s a bit of fun with some of my riding mates I haven’t seen for a while.  On the exercise front the only real stuff I’ve been doing recently is playing golf, which means a 6-7Km walk per round.  My scores are slowly coming down with me scoring my best round of 110 two Sunday’s ago on a round of Panshanger with Sherlock.




  1. Glad to hear that your treatment is going so well, and that you’re able to keep on with a mostly normal life in the meantime. Youth clearly has it’s advantages 🙂

    • Youth does certainly help, but there’s a lot to be said for having a positive attitude and a good set of family and friends around you. They’ve been a massive help to keep me motivated and continuing to be active.

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