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Session 7 down, the best so far and lots to look forward to

September 29, 2010

Session 7 has come and gone and I’m happy to report that it was the best one so far, with minimal hiccups and only the sensitivity to cold.  I think this was mainly down to having things to do both during and the weekend after the treatment and having lots to look forward to.  On that front, we’ve managed to buy a house and are now madly planning everything that needs doing when we move.  Also I applied for and have been given a weekend at centre parcs through the Willow Foundation.  They’re a charity who provide special days for seriously ill young adults.  They take care of all the booking etc and money side of things and have been wonderful to deal with.  Check out their website for more information.  They’re one of the charities I’ll be running my half marathon for come March next year.

Work is still going well and besides being a little tired after a busy weekend I’ve not had any problems now I’ve been back full time for a month.  I’m finally starting to settle back into the software coding and have spent quite a lot of time putting into practice some of the design and coding principles I learnt a couple of years ago on the conversion training I did.

And Finally………

For all those who enjoy racing games, F1 2010 is definitely worth a look.


Half way through and some cheeky biking

September 10, 2010

I’m sitting here, chemo session 6 is now done with, which marks the half way point through the chemo.  Oddly enough this session has seen the least side effects so far with less hiccuping than previously and I’m actually feeling pretty good.  I guess this is partly down to me now being back at work full time and so not increasing the amount of working time like I have after previous sessions.  The advantage of this was that last weekend I managed to get back on the bike for the first time in over a month.  I’ve not really had the energy to try to do any xc, so instead decided to enter a downhill race!  Having not ridden at Aston Hill before but hearing how good the track is that was where I decided to race (I don’t think the other race this weekend, the World Champs in Canada, would have taken me anyway).

Not wanting to go into the racing cold from a month off the bike I went up to Chicksands on the Saturday with some of the old uni biking group.  Much fun was had and there was some good manning up on the large jumps and drops.  The day was nice and chilled and got me back into the mood for launching off things and going fast, we all arrived back at the Hill house and were treated to a huge pot of pasta and spag bol thanks to my lovely wife 🙂  Carb loading and biking DVDs watched we all packed the guys into the spare room and Em on the sofa and got a good nights sleep.  The Sunday also proved to be another good fun days riding with Tic coming up from Salisbury to race too a bit of friendly competition and banter couldn’t be avoided.  My targets for the day was to not finish last in Senior and to do a run in under 1 min 30 seconds.  Both of which I managed, finishing 76th out of 88 Seniors with a 1.22 in my second race run, beating my first by 3 seconds 🙂  The track was fast and fun and there are plenty of different runs and an xc course so I’ll definitely be heading over there lots more times in the future.

Riding DH with an Ileostomy? Am I mad?  The simple answer is yes, the better answer is no, I’ve got my ostomy armour through.  It’s really well made and meant that I didn’t worry about crashing and damaging it at all.  The story of the ostomy armour started when Ses was looking for something to protect my ostomy whist allowing me to keep doing extreme biking.  The stuff available in the UK is frankly pathetic and comprises of an upturned plastic cup which you strap around you.  Not only is this bulky but doesn’t exactly offer much protection or comfort.  The search widened and Ses found a company in the US who custom make impact resistant ostomy armour that looked to be not only more protective, but also more comfortable.  After Ses mentioned this to some of my friends from church they did a whip round and gave me the awesome present of more than enough money to buy the armour.  Massive thanks to you guys and gals, your absolutely wonderfilled 🙂  If you’re interested then check out the website, the guy behind the company is fantastic and custom makes each set of armour to fantastic quality.

And finally…. I think part of the reason for this session seemingly being the best so far has got to be down to the nice chilled out evening round at Sherlock’s house last night.  Such good tasty lamb and a nice warm fire in the fire pit outside was a nice change to the usual moping around inside at home.  Think I’ll be trying to do something similar every chemo Thursday.  Cheers mate for a most enjoyable and relaxing evening!


And to finish a few pics of the riding at Chicksands


Working full time, golf and biking

September 1, 2010

Well I’ve finally managed to get back to working full time.  As of Monday (and following the 5th chemo sesison), I’m back doing 7.5 hours a day for the non chemo days.  I’ve been ramping up at an hour extra per day after each chemo session so the jump from 7 to 7.5 hours is smaller and hopefully will mean I’m not too tired.  My plan now though is to work longer on the days I’m in to try to keep some holiday left over to have as a contingency should the chemo get worse or to have the time after my last session mid December until Christmas as holiday.

We had a nice long weekend, Saturday was a write off due to me being really tired so was spent mostly in bed or on the sofa watching tv!  Sunday we had a nice BBQ at my sister’s to celebrate Dad’s Birthday.  Got to see some of the family I haven’t seen since being in hospital which was nice.  Then had another relaxed BBQ with some friends on the bank holiday Monday, lots of laughs and a really chilled out afternoon 🙂

I’m really looking forward to the coming weekend as I’ve entered my first dirt based DH race at Aston Hill.  Now I’ve got the stoma armour from the US I’m going to be doing mainly gravity based riding until the chemo ends as any xc just knackers me out too much.  Not coming last is my aim, but really it’s a bit of fun with some of my riding mates I haven’t seen for a while.  On the exercise front the only real stuff I’ve been doing recently is playing golf, which means a 6-7Km walk per round.  My scores are slowly coming down with me scoring my best round of 110 two Sunday’s ago on a round of Panshanger with Sherlock.