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Still Here!

August 26, 2010

Still here, still going strong! Sorry for the total lack of updates, we’ve been busy and it’s been hectic. And Andy’s written a couple of things which the computer kindly lost for him!

We are now on round 5 of chemo and so far things haven’t been too bad.  We go in to the Cancer Centre in Elstree 0n Wednesday mornings; they take blood and give Andy fluids while waiting for the test results. That takes about half an hour and then he has one drug with lots of anti-sicknesses and steroids on the side. Pumps in for 2 hours while we have lunch and watch TV and he relaxes in the amazing leather loungers the patients sit in and then they plug him in to his infuser which he goes home with. It’s basically a plastic jam jar with a balloon full of poison in it! But it does the job and it’s wonderful that he doesn’t have to be in hospital for 2 days!

Side effect wise Andy has had the hyper-sensitivity in his hands which means he can’t deal with cold things for 5ish days after the chemo starts, apparently it feels really painful, like someone’s coming at him with a fistful of needles! He’s also been developing hiccups about 24 hours into each treatment which stick around for a day or two, and also his hair is thinning a bit. Plus he’s really, Really tired a lot of the time. But that might be more to do with the fact that he’s now almost back to work full time and is playing 2 rounds of golf most weeks!

We saw the Oncologist on Tuesday evening and he’s really pleased with how it’s going and Andy’s blood results which is great news. There’ll be another CT scan to come, but that won’t be until the beginning of January.

We also went to the Colorectal clinic to see Helen, the specialist nurse, and have a check up. She was happy with how his wound has healed up and said it’s ok to start massaging the scar (to keep it soft/help it fade) now. She did tell us that if Andy chooses in a few years not to have his ileostomy reversed that the rest of the ‘plumbing’ in there (anal canal, rectum etc) will have to come out to stop cancer reoccurring there. That’s another major surgery which isn’t something fun to look forward to, but it’s a long time away.

On the topic of the ileostomy everything seems to be going well there. From my perspective (and he hasn’t told me any different) he’s coping really well with it. He seems happier, coping better with day to day life with a stoma than he did with colitis, and just as confident as he was before. Our relationship, although tested by this, is stronger than ever. If you’re reading this and you’re a stoma patient or the partner of one and want to talk about stomas and relationships and sex just drop me a comment (the form asks for your email address) and I’ll send you an email. I’m not going to write about it here right now because, well, my Mom reads this. Ha!

There’s more to tell about the last few weeks, such as a couple of trips to A&E, but they can hold until another day because it’s 3am!!