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1st Round Down and Back To Work

July 6, 2010

The first chemo session went well without any really major side effects.  I had the expected hypersensitivity to cold things in my hands and mouth for a couple of days and also had hiccups, which are apparently common too, on the Friday and Saturday morning.  All in all though I’m pleased with how it went and how I felt.  I’ve been warned that the side effects get cumulatively worse with each treatment, so we’ll see how things go, however other than a slight loss of apetite there was no sickness 🙂  Also my thoughts on what the diffuser would be, which slowly pumps one of the drugs into me over a couple of days, was completely wrong!  I imagined it would be a battery powered unit that had the drugs stored in it, whereas it more resembled a small jar with a balloon inside it.  The bladder contained the drugs and the pressure of it being inflated slowly pumped the drug into me.  As it’s so compact I should be able to work on the days I’m plugged in which is a bonus.

Speaking of work I started back on Monday.  I’ve initially been signed on to work half days which will prevent me getting too tired, however I’m hoping to ramp up my hours quite quickly as the side effects and hence my ability to work, may get worse as I get towards the end of the sessions.  It felt good being back in the office, not least as it has got my brain back working after 3 months of idling!  I spent the first day getting everything back up and running as a lot of stuff is automatically cleaned up if not used for a month.  I’ve got a nice meaty chunk of work to get my teeth into now, so I’m looking forward to getting back into coding 🙂

And finally…..

Having been on a high calorie diet for coming up for two months I’m now up to just under 12 stone, a little more than I was aiming for but I’ve been told by the oncologist to keep it up as I’m likely to loose my appetite later in the chemo program.  I’m also getting out on the bike a lot more now so will hopefully turn most of the gained weight from fat to muscle 🙂