CT Results

June 22, 2010

This is my lovely husband. He is brave and strong and wonderful. I love him!

Today we found out the results of his CT scans. They scanned his entire torso and found… nothing. Nada. No visible cancer. Anywhere.

This is very good. Very, very, very good. I nearly cried in the oncologist’s office. Andy, it turns out, wasn’t worried at all. Apparently I did such a good job of reassuring him that he was fine. My reassurances didn’t work so well on me!! But I can sleep soundly tonight knowing our God is in control and protecting us!

We also have chemo dates – every other week starting next Wednesday. It will involve 2 hours hanging out with an IV bag of one drug and then going home for 48 hours with a diffuser for the other one. Can’t wait to finally start kicking those horrible little stray cells in the butt!!




  1. That is absolutely great news and a wonderful answer to prayer. God Bless both of you and continued prayer to help you through the chemo.

  2. Such wonderful wonderful news. Love to you both xxx

  3. Oh, how fabulous! I am so happy to hear this! Praise God.

  4. Very glad to hear the CT scan results were clear. Hoping the chemotherapy goes equally well for you too.

  5. Wonderful, wonderful news. Praise God indeed!

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