Back on the bike

June 4, 2010

Well it’s been over 2 months since I was last on a bike and I’ve been really missing it since reading about 20 biking magazines in hospital thanks to Sherlock. I had a sit on my bike a few days ago and the wound felt ok so I thought I’d give riding it properly a go. I only went out for a quick ride around the local woods but It felt so good to be back out and diving between the trees, even the pedalling felt good!

I also had a nurse appointment rhis morning to change the dressings, the top wound is looking very good now with several layers of skin grown back and seems to be leaking a lot less and felt fine while out riding.

We had a trip to the Spire at Bushey yesterday to have a CT scan (looking for any more lesions in my chest) and blood test (ready for the sperm banking). I had to drink over a litre of aniseed tasting water in about an hour, the flavour was ok to begin with but seemed to cumulatively build up in my mouth, making the last couple of cups quite horrible! The scan went well and I should get the results in a few days.

We did a bit of shopping today too and I managed to find a couple of new pairs of shorts so can stop wearing the same pairs I’ve been alternating between for the past 3 weeks. We also (finally after much searching and a trip to Stevenage) found some maternity bands to wear to support my bag, so it doesn’t move around when I’m doing exercise and also will cover it up when I take my top off on the beach etc.

And finally……
We’re off on holiday tomorrow! Only for a few days but it should be a nice break, we’ve both spent a lot of time in the flat since coming home from hospital so it’ll be nice to have a change of scenary. The new scenary will be in Southwould and the surrounding areas. Hopefully the weather will be nice and we can spend lots of time on the beach and walking around the town, perhaps sneak in a brewery tour with the obligatory tasting session at the end 🙂



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