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It’s Chemo Time

June 29, 2010

Tomorrow marks the start of my chemo, with 12 cycles, each 2 weeks long, with 2 days of drugs per cycle. I’ll be in hospital for a few hours tomorrow, two of which I’ll be having one of the drugs put in, then having a diffuser hooked up with the other drug in. Once that’s all done I go home and go back into hospital 48 hours later to have the diffuser disconnected. I’m a little nervous about what it’s going to be like and what the side effects are going to be like but sure God has got my back and is in control of things so I should be able to handle them ok.

The wound has continued to heal well now I’m off the steroids and is only a very small scab with a decent amount of skin underneath.  My belly looks a bit like a hot cross bun though due to the scar running down my abs pulling the skin inwards and the space where my large intestine used to be running across!

In the last week I’ve managed to get out on the bike a few more times, mostly locally, but paid the Royston bmx track another visit on Sunday with Olllie. Unfortunately before I even got out the car my shoulder fell apart, luckily I managed to get it back in myself. That wasn’t going to stop me riding so after a bit of strapping up I took the hardtail for a spin round the track. It’s soo much easier to carry speed without a load of suspension taking out all your effort!

Ses and I also went out for our first run together (and my first run since being ill). It was only a 2k loop but was more than enough to notice how much fitness I’ve lost and Ses hasn’t got either! I think there’s going to have to be a lot of hard core training if we’re going to get round this half marathon!

And finally……..
My weight gain is going well, I’m up to jut over 11 and a half stone which has stabilised now as I’m back doing exercise. I’m still on instructions from the oncologist to continue the high calorie diet so I’m still eating lots 🙂



CT Results

June 22, 2010

This is my lovely husband. He is brave and strong and wonderful. I love him!

Today we found out the results of his CT scans. They scanned his entire torso and found… nothing. Nada. No visible cancer. Anywhere.

This is very good. Very, very, very good. I nearly cried in the oncologist’s office. Andy, it turns out, wasn’t worried at all. Apparently I did such a good job of reassuring him that he was fine. My reassurances didn’t work so well on me!! But I can sleep soundly tonight knowing our God is in control and protecting us!

We also have chemo dates – every other week starting next Wednesday. It will involve 2 hours hanging out with an IV bag of one drug and then going home for 48 hours with a diffuser for the other one. Can’t wait to finally start kicking those horrible little stray cells in the butt!!



Fun Times!

June 15, 2010

As promised, pictures of various lovely things we’ve been up to recently – a day out with Harrison (our godson), a BBQ for Mummy Hill’s birthday and our wonderful trip to Southwold. Having cancer sucks, but it’s great to have this opportunity to spend quality time together and with those we love.


Prayer Pointers

June 10, 2010

Goooood evening all, just going to do a quick post with prayer pointers for those of you praying for us. (We love you guys!)

– We get the CT scan results at some point in the next couple of weeks. Please pray that they are completely clear and there is no more cancer anywhere at all.

– Andy has a sore next to his stoma from where the stitches were rubbing, it’s healing, but slowly. Please pray for that, and that everything with the stoma would continue to be OK.

– He currently has 4 wounds that aren’t healed – at the top and bottom of his original incision and the 2 from the portacath insertion. Chemo cannot start until they have closed, please pray for accelerated healing, especially the one in the middle.

– The portacath insertion on Tuesday went really well, he doesn’t have any bruising which is great and not a lot of pain either. Praise God for that!

We have received several Words from people who have been praying for us in the last few weeks – very positive ones about it all being OK and God being in control which has been really encouraging for us.

I will aim to put pictures up from our holiday in the next couple of days, wanted to do it today but the garden had gone out of control when we were away so there was lots to do!



Race For Life

June 8, 2010

Our lovely friends Alex and Kirsty did the Welwyn Garden City Race for Life on Saturday – we were away on our ‘Cancer Sucks Ass’ holiday or we would have been there to cheer them on!

We love them!!

Alex and her husband Gareth (who was Andy’s best man) have been especially amazing over the last few months, they live just round the corner and have been looking after us – visiting while Andy was in hospital, supplying me with tonic water (for the G&Ts!) and providing ridiculous amounts of love and support.


The race may be over but the fight isn’t – if you’d like to sponsor either of them and donate to Cancer Research UK here’s the links to their Justgiving sites

Alex –

Kirsty –


We had a lovely break in Southwold – will post pictures soon when I’ve collected them from the 2 phones and 3 cameras we took! Will also fill you in on Andy’s Portacath procedure today which went well.



Back on the bike

June 4, 2010

Well it’s been over 2 months since I was last on a bike and I’ve been really missing it since reading about 20 biking magazines in hospital thanks to Sherlock. I had a sit on my bike a few days ago and the wound felt ok so I thought I’d give riding it properly a go. I only went out for a quick ride around the local woods but It felt so good to be back out and diving between the trees, even the pedalling felt good!

I also had a nurse appointment rhis morning to change the dressings, the top wound is looking very good now with several layers of skin grown back and seems to be leaking a lot less and felt fine while out riding.

We had a trip to the Spire at Bushey yesterday to have a CT scan (looking for any more lesions in my chest) and blood test (ready for the sperm banking). I had to drink over a litre of aniseed tasting water in about an hour, the flavour was ok to begin with but seemed to cumulatively build up in my mouth, making the last couple of cups quite horrible! The scan went well and I should get the results in a few days.

We did a bit of shopping today too and I managed to find a couple of new pairs of shorts so can stop wearing the same pairs I’ve been alternating between for the past 3 weeks. We also (finally after much searching and a trip to Stevenage) found some maternity bands to wear to support my bag, so it doesn’t move around when I’m doing exercise and also will cover it up when I take my top off on the beach etc.

And finally……
We’re off on holiday tomorrow! Only for a few days but it should be a nice break, we’ve both spent a lot of time in the flat since coming home from hospital so it’ll be nice to have a change of scenary. The new scenary will be in Southwould and the surrounding areas. Hopefully the weather will be nice and we can spend lots of time on the beach and walking around the town, perhaps sneak in a brewery tour with the obligatory tasting session at the end 🙂