A quiet week from a medical point of view

May 31, 2010

Having spent the past two months in and out of doctors surgeries and hospitals it was nice to have a quiet week with no significant medical visits to speak of! I’ve been to my local doctors practice twice for nurse appointments to change the dressing and monitor the wound, but they haven’t thrown up anything major and the wound is healing well. There’s one section at the top that’s opened up due to it being under lots of tension and it’s also the point where it’s been leaking which has meant it’s been moist and didn’t heal while the staples were in (the following link is a picture of the open bit so be warned it’s quite graphic! click here ). Over the past few days it’s started healing well though and now has the beginning layers of skin forming.

The week started amazingly with Geoff coming round and dropped off a collection from several of the people from church which is amazing and will be spent on the ostomy armour from the US which includes a kevlar/carbon fibre stoma protector and kevlar reinforced bag cover. That should mean I can keep downhill biking without the worry of crashing hurting the stoma or tearing the bag! We also had a couple of people from the prayer team come round, we had a good pray and they had some good positive words and pictures which was nice.

Last weekend we had the family up for Mum’s birthday. Andy came round and gave us a hand cutting the grass beforehand due to the council being rubbish. Cheers Sherlock! We had a very enjoyable day with Mum, Dad, Sarah, Gordon and Rob all sampling Gordon’s tasty BBQ cooking. Sarah also did a lot of the other food which took the strain off us hosting too much, thanks big sis! They also brought along some boules which made for some entertaining games on our far from regulation lawn, with many comedy bounces on the bumpy surface.

We’ve been out several times including a picnic and walk round Stanborough lakes, several trips into town, watching Gaz’s team win at cricket up at Essendon and a nice meal out in Ask in town! All in all it’s been a good week and I checked with the insurance people today and they’ve said I can drive now so that’s another positive.

and finally……….

Whilst being able to eat whatever you want whenever sounds great it’s starting to get difficult to remember to eat ALL the time! I’m trying hard to keep my food intake up and finding slim fast on a half price offer in boots helps as that’s essentially an additional meal (I have it with full fat milk rather than skimmed). I’m finally digging into the easter chocolate supplies, having missed out on eating my easter chocolate at the time due to the stomach cramps etc, I’m making up for lost time now!



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