1 Month

May 31, 2010

Saturday marked one month since Andy’s surgery.

His wound is healing really well, with the exception of a section at the top where the staples were put in badly (it’s also under more tension there) He’s also managing the daily changes of the bag really well and the stoma’s shrunk down to about 34mm. We’ve only had one major leak – which was the fault of the velcro on his shorts and not the bag itself! (Loving Vanish carpet cleaner!)

I’m so incredibly proud of him for the way he has reacted to the surgery and the pouch. In all the drama of the cancer diagnosis I think the ileostomy has been pushed to the side somewhat, he’s just got on and dealt with it. And we’re enjoying the amazing freedom that it brings – we went for a picnic and leisurely walk on Monday for the first time, no worrying about finding a toilet, no stress about eating and not going straight home afterwards.

He’s a bit amazing really!!!


This week brings an appointment with the oncologist tomorrow – he will then schedule in a CT scan for sometime this/next week. Please pray really hard that this comes back completely clear – we do not want any more cancerous lesions! We also have to try and track down Andy’s blood work that was done in the hospital – otherwise he has to have yet another full HIV/Hepatitis check before our ‘visit’ to the sperm bank at University College Hospital. This involves going through the QE2 switchboard – NOT fun. 90% of the time no-one even picks up. I might go down to the hospital tomorrow afternoon and find them in person!

On Saturday we are off on a short holiday for 3 nights to the Suffolk coast – really looking forward to it… yay for the beach!!



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