Going home!

May 10, 2010

Having had a bit of a broken nights sleep, fell asleep at 9.30 and woke up at 1, I had a visit from the surgeon this morning and was given the good news that I can go home today!

Having had a minor wobble last night when I sneezed, which caused a large amount of pain, but I managed to get by with one single dose of tramadol, I’m not sure how effective it was anyway.

I am feeling good again this morning with no real pain so I’m up out of bed and dressed again, ready to head home! I can’t wait to get home and have a nice long relaxing bath and eat lots of food 🙂 docs orders are to do nothing for the next two weeks, so they’ll be lots of sitting in front of the tv and computer, oh and of course lots and lots of eating!

My stoma has shrunk down again and is now 40mm, down another 5mm over the weekend. I also changed my bag again myself and talked one of the student nurses through it too. My wound is continuing to heal well although it’s still seeping a little, but that’s not too strange considering I’m on steroids. The staples should be coming out on thursday so that will be interesting to see how wide the wound is when it’s relaxed, expect a photo or two 🙂




  1. Hi Andy,

    congrats! I am really happy to hear the good news.
    I’m on ravelry and found my way to your blog through Ses’ posting in the OLT.
    I have a question, which is silly and which of course you do not need to answer at all – I just thought I’d ask and let you decide: Do you feel a difference in your belly without your large intestines? I mean, not pain wise, but does it feel empty? Do the other organs take up the ‘evacuated’ space (over time)?
    Best healing wishes, I’ll keep on reading your blog for sure,

  2. Laia,

    Thanks for the good wishes and hope you’re finding this interesting/informative!

    I thought I might feel like that but it doesn’t appear to feel any different. My stomach isn’t flat like it used to be, there is a slight depression across where the large intestine crosses over from one side to the other, this was also where the blockage was and where the massive pain and bloating was on the day of the operation. The only weird feeling I’ve had was where the scar tissue from the top of the remainder of my rectum had attached to something else and pulled when I fully straightened out. This has gone now as I’ve been moving around lots and have broken the scar tissue bonds.

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