Over a week on and I’m off the horrible pain killers!

May 9, 2010

Well having been on some pretty horrible pain meds for several days, they made me really tired and I couldn’t concentrate for more than about 30 seconds at a time! Just trying to text Ses was a massive effort resulting in lots of falling asleep and dropping/catching of the phone. Hence no updates from me since the epidural came out!

Over the past few days I’ve been refusing pain meds when I wasn’t in too much pain which allowed me to cut right down on the horrible pain killers and get onto something that can be prescribed outside of hospital. I’m in very little pain now, with only a little discomfort where the end of my bowel has been tied off. The wound is healing well and hasn’t been leaking anything for a day, so hopefully the moving onto oral (less strong) steroids should allow everything to heal a bit quicker.

I’ve had lots of visitors since moving into the normal surgical ward, thanks to everyone who have come up and all those who have sent messages and cards, it’s been so nice to have so much support from friends and family during the hazy days!

I had one of the doctors who saw me a couple of weeks ago and realised I was very dehydrated and in a bad way, come by earlier. He was very pleased by the progress I’ve made and was encouraging me to eat everything I can which is always nice to hear. He’s not the first to say it and it’s certainly something I’m trying to do! I think I’m averaging 4-5 meals a day including snacking in between. Had 3 hospital meals followed by a Chinese yesterday which the Bradleys brought up 🙂

It’s nice supplementing the reasonable food in here with take aways and I can feel it making a real difference to the strength I have. Today is the first day I’ve jumped out if bed in the morning, and am planning on spending most of the day in the chair (other than a sneaky nap). Alas I don’t have any clothes up here al the moment so I’m wearing a gown backwards so it’s like a coat, and hopefully I’ll get some clothes up here later so i can start getting even more back to normal. I’m now just wanting to get out of this room so I can stretch my legs and get some strength back in them. Feeling a bit like a caged animal now! I guess it doesn’t help that daytime tv on the main 4 channels is absolutly shocking, I’m fed up of hearing about the election or trying to dodge kids tv! At least there’s the grand prix and the end of the footy season today so that should keep me entertained, along with visits from my lovely sister and brother, who have kept me fed up with maccy d’s banana milk shakes 🙂 hopefully I’ll get a full meal from there today as my extra meal 🙂 this being able to eat junk food is great! However I think I’m going to have to be careful that I don’t just keep eating junk food once I get out of here and just eat lots of good food rather than junk food. I think Ses will be good at making sure that doesn’t happen. 5 small meals a day looks like it’s on the cards 🙂

I’ve been praying lots over the past few days and am still feeling really connected to God and that all the support and prayers that people have been giving us both are really making a difference. I’ve been feeling so at peace and that although I’ve been through a lot and been in some very dangerous medical places, I’ve known that God has been there with me every step of the way.



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