Day 10 – Preparations

May 9, 2010

Today is Sunday – Andy had his surgery 10 days ago. I can’t quite believe that it’s gone so quickly. I’ve been filling my time with preparations for when he comes home. I don’t think the house has ever been so clean or tidy!! It’s a relief to have it in this state though, my Mom was amazing and such a help in getting it ready!

We should get the histology results back tomorrow – praying for everything to be OK there and not require any further treatment. One of the lab technicians managed to give himself a needle stick whilst doing the analysis, so that’s the second time Andy’s had a full blood work-up in his 3 1/2 weeks in hospital! At least we know he’s healthy!

Looking forward to seeing him in a couple of hours, it’s getting pretty lonely here and I want him home! Tomorrow!



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