Big Ol’ Scar

May 6, 2010

Day 7

Yesterday Andy saw Mr Reay-Jones, the surgeon who performed the operation, and he was really happy with the way everything has been going. The stoma is looking good (it’s now down to 45mm from 55mm!) and the output is starting to look much more healthy which is great.

We saw the stoma nurse again this morning, she’s lovely, very kind and understanding but also no-nonsense. Andy changed the bag himself this morning and it seemed like a very easy process, only took a few minutes even with setting up and cutting the bag. I would like to learn to change it as well, partly because if he gets ill he won’t need to worry about it, and also because I think it’s important as his wife. However Andy made a face when I suggested it so we’ll see how that goes! Gill, the nurse, reminded me this morning that over-researching could cause me more worry than good so I may ease up on the catalogue-browsing for now!

Today was another challenging one, he’s stopped taking the Oramorph (morphine) now and is being weaned off the tramadol. This equates to a grumpy boy. Extra grumpy because he’s so hungry – his supper didn’t turn up (No NHS, corned beef hash with onion and baked beans is NOT a low-fibre option, nor is it the chicken pie that was ordered) so I took in a battered sausage and chips – luckily he’s a allowed to eat whatever he wants and the more fried food the better! We have 20lbs to find!!

He also had lots of visitors; Hayden, Lewis, Rick, Lauren, Ollie, Natalie & Andy. And my Mom. And me. Lovely that he’s finally got enough energy to see people… now the tramadol is being reduced he’s less sleepy all the time and can stay awake for longer than 5 minutes. Andy hasn’t been blogging much because of the effect of the drugs, the teeny-tiny iPhone screen doesn’t help matters, but as he is due to come home in the next few days (YAY!!) he’ll be back!

Here’s a couple of photos taken today – Andy looks a little shell-shocked in both of them but that’s just the drugs, in real life he’s actually looking really good. You can see his wound in these – they’d just taken the dressing off to clean it – it’s pretty impressive at 33 staples. It’s bleeding a little bit because he’s being weaned off the steroids he was on for the colitis (ah, remember when Andy had colitis?!)  and they inhibit the healing process.


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