Moving out of HDU

May 3, 2010

Well it finally happened, (had been suggested on Saturday) they finally found me a bed on Codicote, the normal surgical ward. It’s still in a side room and the windows open to allow me some fresh air, but they’ve been “blacked out” with binbags, presumably as they have no form of blinds and the previous occupant needed darkness to sleep. Not being of the nocturnal persuasion I’ll see if I can get at least one of them cleared off to free some daylight 🙂

Having waited all day for a surgical person to review my eating ability it finally happened at about 10pm and I was allowed a protein shake thing, overwhelmed by the choices of flavours available I got carried away into thinking banana would be the same sort of sweet magic flavour they serve at maccy d’s that both myself and my brother in law adore. Alas I should have stuck with either the vanilla or strawberry which were the more sensible safer choices! Oh well it was something with some flavour(ish) and I knew I had to man up and drink it to get something more substantial so it got drunk! Once that was down the NG tube followed out and that was my final temporary output the the outside world being cut. I’ve still got the extension bag attached to my stoma bag for the time being whilst things settle down; it prevents me having to empty the bag all the time as it’s filling up several times a day.

I then got moved over to Codicote and had to say goodbye to my fancy, air powered mattress which moves around throught the day to help prevent bed sores for those who can’t move out of bed. I guess my multiple trips out of bed yesterday including standing up for thr first time and shuffling across from the bed to the comode and back showed I can move round a bit now. The nurses say my balance is still very good, and the nausea I had felt when sitting up/putting effort in things seems to have subsided.

All this progress was pleasing but I had hit a bit of a struggle now the catheter is out. Now with the huge changes in what’s in that area of my body and that the epidural runs into it, my bladder is having a few issues. It’s fine accumulating liquid, but releasing it has poved a bit more of an issue. I tried sitting and standing with a bottle (the standing was the first time on my feet alone) alas nothing I could do would release the fury! I called in the last resort, the comode! Thankfully I can just about convice myself to pee whilst on there, however it does take a while for more than a tiny amount to come out it’s meaning that I am able to be tube free. Now whilst this is nice the sitting does put stress on my back which stops the epidural running, which so far hasn’t caused any pain issues but does cause the machine to go a bit nuts and annoy the other occupants of the floor at 2 and 4 am! With this in mind I thought the catheter doesn’t seem like too much of a bother, however things did seem to free up the last time on the “chair” so we’ll see how it goes today!

Had a nice couple of visiting times yesterday with a visit from Dan Grosvenor, my first non family visitor, who was only up for the weekend from Dorset. Having family coming up every day is nice but a change of face was a welcome addition too and we chatted for a bit and he wanted to see my new ‘insides on the outside’ look. The rest of the visitng time saw the usual suspects of Mum, Dad, Carol and Ses come in and following their meal out between the two visiting times allowed me to grill them about the nice food they’d had, it hadn’t helped that I’d read the telegraph magazine food section and was literally salivating at their descriptions! Does this count as too much of an obsession with food? I guess for now I don’t care as I’m still demolishing whatever I can get my hands on 🙂 After the change of wards last night I managed to convince the new place to let me have some cereal, it was only once that had been swiftly dispatched that one of the nurses decided I shouldn’t have had it. Oh well it was too late then and it stayed down fine overnight. I’m waiting for the surgeons to come and review me today (should be during rounds rather than the rediculously late review of yesterday) then they can let me have a bit more food. The main problem is that at the moment the dieticians aren’t in until after the bank holiday so it’s difficult to get anyone to commit to allowing more food quickly!

So now I’m out of the MDU it’s time to get some more familiar faces in, there have been loads of people wanting to visit, so if you’re one of them then get in contact with Ses to sort out a time and date and It’ll be awesome to see everyone smiling faces!

And finally……. Some good progress on my stoma, it’s reduced from a very swolen angry tomatoe size to looking a lot less plump and round. That is a good sign not just for the stoma but also for the rest of the small intestine which the stoma forms the end of, showing that it is a lot less irritated and is returning to health after the inflammation and exertion of the past few days! 🙂



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