Day 2- The Second Sit

May 2, 2010

Well the afternoon came and Ses and Carol (her mum who drove up as soon as she heard, she’s an amazing woman!) and a few minutes later my Mum came up for the 2-4 visiting time. We spent most of the time chatting away about various things, Ses’ new knitting projects, how I’d got on sitting up etc. It’s the first time I’ve had the energy to chat for the full 2 hours since the operation so it was nice to have family around to talk to. Ses brought me up a few bits I wanted and a paper so I’ve got something to read later 🙂

After the usual drugs session it was time to have another go at sitting up, this time I was determined to do it without the nurses assistance. However I’m very aware that my abs will have been damaged by the op and that while they work I don’t know how much damage there is due to them being under he influence of the epidural. The nurses gave me a technique that avoids using my abs and within 30 seconds I was sitting up with a big grin on my face. Again I felt a bit drowsy and slightly nauseous but that should improve with more practice and my shoulders didn’t ache anywhere near as much. Tomorrow’s task, sitting in a chair and possibly standing up with nurse’s help!

Ses and Carol came up again for the 6-8 visit and whilst I was tired when they got here it was nothing a good hot chocolate couldn’t sort out 🙂 being able to drink things with flavour feels so good, think I might see if I can get a build up shake or yoghurt tomorrow before I start eating properly on Monday.

After visiting I thought I’d have a sleep but again the nurses had other ideas! I got my first hot wash since the operation and fresh bedding and what a difference it made, microwaved wet wipes feel suprisingly good after 2 days of post surgery dirt. So watched a bit of the snooker while washing, then had half an hour of sorting out the bed before Match of the Day and writing this. 🙂 The Spurs result always helps the spirits at the end of a busy day. Once MOTD finishes I think I’ll be ready for a decent sleep, saying that the nurses have just come in to sort out my new TPN and a bag of potasium based fluids after it took the bloods department all day to not analyse 2 sets of samples sent to them and finally managed to do the third! Hense the late putting up of extra electrolytes, I guess this will continue until I’m eating and getting the nutrients I need.



One comment

  1. Just read your blog to date, what a great idea! Aside from the early signs of a speedy recovery, I am incredibly moved by your positivity. And reading about your journey really allows me and others to gain a glimpse of how a life doesn’t end but instead how a new life begins.
    It’s clear you’re a fighter and not one to
    give up, so well done for sitting, and tomorrow it’ll be standing, but everyday you’ll be impacting people’s lives. Bless ya mate, and bless you both for being a beautiful example of how a married, Godly couple can face anything together.

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