Day 3 – Confused Nurses & Less Tubes

May 2, 2010

Had a good night, got lots of sleep once the footy programs had finished 😉 and managed to doze for a few hours this morning between the drugs, obs and nursing handovers. The NG tube down my throat has started to cause a bit of a sore throat but nothing a warm blackcurrant squash couldn’t fix 🙂 However it was the nursing handover that served up the morning’s frustration, although I’ve been drinking properly since 12 hours after the op, the outgoing nurse didn’t mention it and the incoming nurse went strictly by the doctor’s note (ignoring the fluid charts that has loads of water and tea and hot choc on it) and only allowed sips of water, I got a bit frustrated with her but she was following the rules to the letter…..luckily the shop trolley came round so I just bought some lemonade and flattened it so I had something and the doctors came round by about 10am so I got a nice sweet hot chocolate once the nurse had been informed.

The weather is a bit frustrating today as I’ve been enjoying having two massive windows and getting plenty of fresh air. With all the rain overnight and the mad wind up here on the 6th floor having the window open a crack had the suspended ceiling lifting up so they’ll have to stay closed for the time being.

So the progress has already started today with removing the catheter, I did another sit on the side of the bed unassisted so decided with the nurse that I should be able to handle it now. Just one more output to be removed now which is the NG tube. I’ve got hopes that when the surgeons come round they’ll let me try to eat somethig like a yoghurt or supplement milkshake, in which case the NG tube would come out today too!

Got the championship relegation battle on the TV at the moment, Sheffield Wednesday vs Crystal Palace, whoever loses goes down, draw leaves Crystal Palace up, should be a good open game 🙂

And finally…… I’ve been reading yesterday’s Telegraph magazine and salivating over the food and I noticed an interesting article entitled “USE YOUR LOAF” which is celebrating National Real Bread Maker Week, whereby they are encouraging all those with home breadmakers to either use it or give it to someone else who will. Being restricted to white bread only for Ulcerative Colitis (and now the ileostomy) we got a bread maker for a wedding gift and I’ve got to say it’s our most used kitchen gadget. The flavour and freshness of home baked bread is something else and there’s no better smell to wake up to either! See realbreadcampaign.org for more details.



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