Day 3 in the HDU

May 2, 2010

I slept pretty weirdly last night – it’s odd not having Andy there and I haven’t been sleeping great. Mom & I went to the 10am service at church where I spent lots of time letting everyone know how Andy was doing, we have the most amazing church family who have been there for us every step of the way. My lovely friend Kellie even got me a beautiful present – a V&A cake stand – to cheer me up which was so sweet, I’ve been smiling about it all day!

Andy also had his first non-family visitor today – our friend Dan lives in Dorset and was around for a couple of days so as Andy’s been doing so well he came with me to see Andy in the afternoon. It was lovely to see him and catch up, and for Andy to see a fresh face! Bring on the crowds during the week!

We’re still waiting for the surgeons to come round (I guess they’ve been held up with cutting people open!) to authorise the NG tube removal, but Andy did have some tomato soup for supper which he really enjoyed – him getting his appetite back so quickly is very encouraging as they warned it could take a couple of weeks. Mom & I had gone out to dinner with Andy’s parents Chris & Roger, so he wanted to hear all about everything we’d eaten!! (It was very nice!)

He also managed to stand up today which is great, and his stoma has started to change shape and shrink slightly. It will be several months until it’s down to the normal 10-15mm diameter so it will require careful watching and measuring every few days. It’s pretty fascinating really and doesn’t gross me out at all – even when stuff comes out or it ‘gurgles’ – guess I’m not as squeamish as I thought!!

There’s definitely some beard envy going on here on Andy’s part… Dan’s is looking good!! And Dan’s about 6 years younger!! Man up Andy! As you can see, still in the same room in the HDU – no room in Codicote yet. Will be nice to go back there – less rules!



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