Today In The HDU

May 1, 2010

Andy is currently in the High Dependency Unit as he was high-risk because of all the weight he’d lost before the surgery and how ill he was. They are planning to move him to Codicote (the surgical ward) as soon as a side room becomes available, but for the time being he is in a lovely big room in the HDU. He was feeling really good today and we spent a few hours chatting away while I knitted and he facebooked. He also managed to sit up by himself this afternoon which is great, it means he will be able to have the catheter removed soon.

We have to wear plastic aprons and gloves because we don’t want him getting any infectious bugs, and this can make knitting rather difficult!! (That’s what I’m trying to do in the picture – I must admit this whole drama has led to a few yarn purchases!)

We’ve also been joking that he looks like an elephant with his NG tube (hopefully coming out soon!) so I made him a little friend to keep him company! His name is Heffalump!



One comment

  1. Ses, I’m glad you’ve started this blog, and I’m very glad that Andy is showing improvement! Thank heavens for the Internet — there’s so much information and support out there. Keep up your positive outlook! I’ll be checking in regularly!

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