May 1, 2010

My first reaction when I got home from seeing Andy when he came round from his operation was the practicalities. I’ve spent the last couple of days trawling the internet for information. I’ve been sorting out mattress protectors and baskets for the bathroom and RADAR keys and lists of good and bad food.

I’ve also been researching the kind of products available to help Andy get on with living his life just the way it was before. And it really is amazing what there is out there. Most things can be got on prescription and Andy is now eligible for free prescriptions which is brilliant, it really takes the financial strain off. We can get everything from support belts to swimming trunks & boxer shorts to hard plastic shields.  I imagine the shields will be top of Andy’s shopping list because they mean he can go mountain biking without any fear of damaging the stoma! And the swimming trunks will mean that as soon as the incision has healed he can start exercising gently, hopefully without having to worry about feeling self-conscious.

Even with all the amazing support we’ve got from family, friends & the gastro team at the QE II, I think it still feels quite lonely if you don’t know anyone else in this situation. Knowing that all these products are out there to give ostomates back their quality of life means it doesn’t feel quite as lonely.



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